Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many persons can a tour take?

A tour seats 4 adults comfortable but 2 children under the ages of 10 can be accommodated giving a total of 6 occupants.

Is their a refund if the weather is bad?

Each tour is booked 24 hours in advance so that weather forecast for the following day is researched. If a tour begins and it starts to rain, their is no refund. If the tour is already paid for and their is forecast for rain on the day of the tour an option to change the tour day is given, if this cannot be done, we will refund you.

Do you provide lunch for different diet habits?

Of course! Our lunch menu is diverse and caters to every diet habit.

In case of medical emergencies, what is protocol?

Each tour team has a first aid kit which is checked and re-stocked before each tour. If their is an existing medical condition then the client will be referred to a private clinic where he or she will be responsible for their medical cost and expenses. If  their is an accident and the Sky View Drone Tours is liable then the medical expenses will be covered by the Tours insurance provider.

Where is pick up?

Pick up is usually provided as long as the location is given 24hours in advance.